Aggregate Sales

All landscape products are available for delivery. Our full range of machinery is available with operators for placement.
If you are looking to have any of these products delivered please call Lisa at 604-906-1466 to set up delivery.

Construction Gravels

3/8” (10mm) Minus
3/4” (19mm) Minus
1” (25mm) Minus

Clear Crushed

3/4” (19mm) Clear
2” (50mm) Clear

Washed Products

Winter Sand
Construction / Hydro Sand
Birds Eye (1.5mm-3.5mm)
1” Drain Rock (10mm-25mm)

Landscape Products

2’ – 4’ Round Rock (Overs)
2’ – 4’ Blast Rock
Growing Medium
Garden Blend Top Soil
Turf Blend Top Soil
Veggie Blend Top Soil